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The Dri-Fit™ Difference:

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* based on recent testing of the leading protective underwear brands. ** based on the retention capacity of the leading bladder control pads brands. *** based on independent lab testing of leading ultra-thin maxi brands. **** based on laboratory testing of the barrier layer of leading bladder control pads, maxi pads, and ultra-thin maxi pads

Feel more natural

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A lot of science goes into feeling this natural.

Natural isn’t just a feeling. It’s a science. For years, that science has been a choice: the comfort of cotton or the protection of synthetics. Until Dri-Fit™: a unique fiber blend that combines natural and synthetic fibers to work with your body. That way, you can feel natural no matter what.

Adult Incontinence

Adult Incontinence

Whether it’s every day or just during certain activities, incontinence can be frustrating and uncomfortable. To help you stay dry and feeling normal, we put Dri-Fit in everything from protective underwear to bladder control pads and liners.

Feminine Care

Feminine Care

Periods are a natural, regular part of life. And we believe they should feel that way. So, we put Dri-Fit into pads and liners, giving you a topsheet that combines both the comfort of cotton and the protection of synthetics.

Meet your microclimate

Feeling natural is all about your microclimate: the small layer of air between your skin and whatever you’re wearing. If it stays cool and dry, so do you.

Why it matters

Your microclimate is influenced by three factors: pressure, moisture, and temperature. Whether it’s in protective underwear or feminine pads, Dri-Fit manages all three. That way, your skin stays dry, comfortable and helps maintain its overall health.

What makes Dri-Fit work

A powerful combination that manages all three factors in your microclimate: pressure, moisture, and temperature.

Is my product made with Dri-Fit?

Look for the logo:

Made with Dri-Fit inside

To help as many people feel as natural as possible, we put the Dri-Fit fiber blend in everything from feminine care liners to protective underwear.

Protective Underwear

For a higher level of protection, absorbency, and odor control, through both the day and night.

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Bladder Control Pads and Liners

For light leaks to moderate leaks. Whether that happens when you’re running, laughing too hard, or just really have to go.

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Maxipads, Liners, and Ultrathins

Maxipads and ultrathins for heavier and medium days. And panty-liners for lighter days and spotting.

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